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Consumer Bankruptcy

There are two statues for personal bankruptcy; Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Each can be a reasonable method for eliminating debt and starting a fresh financial future. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping each client determine which statute will work best for their particular situation.

Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions

Our chief bankruptcy counselor, Robert McMillen, is an expert in filing both personal and corporate bankruptcy proceedings.

Why is bankruptcy an option?

The bankruptcy process is stressful enough without receiving never-ending phone calls from your creditors. You may be relieved to know that as soon as your Chapter 7 is filed or while you are in Chapter 13, creditors are legally prohibited from attempting to collect the debt. For you this will mean an end to garnishments, lawsuits annoying phone calls. Once you retain TZMC you may refer any calls you receive to our office and we will respond to the creditor’s concerns.