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Debtor Relations

If you or your business needs help enforcing your rights as a creditor against an insolvent, illiquid or fraudulent debtor we can offer sound counsel and resourceful representation. Our experience with the protection of creditors’ rights is wide ranging. We counsel all types of creditors whose rights to repayment are jeopardized.

Our experience with creditors’ remedies allows us to advise you with regard to your claim, your collateral position, and your rights in relation to other creditors.

Assistance we offer to safeguard creditors’ rights against debtors includes:

  • Negotiated workout of claims against debtors headed toward bankruptcy
  • Priority disputes with competing or subordinated secured creditors
  • Identifying and voiding preferential payments
  • Identifying and recovering fraudulent conveyances or transfers
  • Evaluation of Chapter 11 plans and disclosure statements
  • Enforcement of guaranties
  • Enforcement of security interests, real estate mortgages, liens and pledged collateral

Protecting Commercial Creditor’s Rights

Past due debt is a liability for any company. When businesses or consumers fail to comply with payment agreements it can be burdensome and time consuming. Our attorneys are well versed in commercial debt collection and are ready to help you get back to business. They’ll focus on recovering overdue debt obligations so you can do what you do best – run your business!

We use all available means to recover our clients’ business debt as expediently as possible. Methods include:

  • Repossession of goods or collateral
  • Lien filings
  • Post-judgment execution sales
  • Other prejudgment or post judgment remedies

As experienced debt collection attorneys, we can assure our clients that the process adheres to regulations set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Need representation to assist you with debtor and creditor relations? Give us a call at(509) 737-8500 to learn how our experienced attorneys can help or contact us via email for further information.