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Malpractice means negligence by a professional. At TZMC we work with both medical and dental malpractice cases where the negligence has resulted in: bodily injury, birth trauma or wrongful death. Injury can be a result from treatment by a physician, physicians assistant, nurse practitioner or other licensed healthcare provider or hospital. Injury can be a result of failing to order appropriate tests, missing a diagnosis, delaying treatment or other unreasonable conduct that resulted in injury to a patient.

Handling malpractice issues takes a keen attorney to handle the many facets of the dispute. These cases are often very difficult and emotional for clients. At TZMC our attorneys understand the personal struggles that result from malpractice and are ready to help you fight for an outcome that will provide you the resources necessary to help you manage your life.

At TZCM we are experienced in helping our clients recover compensation when negligence occurs through no fault of their own.

We also offer to work with some personal injury clients on a contingency basis. On a case by case basis we’ll defer payment until damages are awarded. This means we don’t get paid unless we help you recover damages. Often this helps to ease the burden of legal fees during an often difficult, financially challenging time.

Clients are welcome to call us at (509) 737-8500 for a free consultation or contact us via email for further information.